The Bedrooms

With its 10 bedrooms, the castle offers the possibility for you to accommodate your guests (at least 6 rooms have to be rented).

Room Number
Name Type Color Point of view
1 Saule Deluxe room Grey - Green Ground / Beige Bed Château driveway
2 Bouleau Suite Beige Ground/Red Bed Pond
3 Hêtre Superior room Yellow and blue Pond
4 Cerisier Deluxe room Red Bed Chapel
5 Tilleul Deluxe room Beige Ground Chapel
6 Noisette Deluxe room Red Ground Pond
7 Erable Suite Red Ground Pond
8 Sapin Superior room Greenish Chapel
9 Chêne Superior room Greenish Pond
10 Charme Deluxe suite Canopy Garden/Chapel/Park
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